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  • Director
  • Outcast Filmmakers
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  • Director
  • Magpie Factory
  • Sabrina Percario
  • Producer
  • Percario Productions
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  • Director
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After submitting your film, our submissions team will review it to ensure it is up to Filmocracy standards (We curate all the content on Filmocracy). If your movie is approved (yay!) we will then get back to you with instructions to get you online a.s.a.p.

So How does it work?

In a nutshell - We generate revenue through advertising and premium subscriptions to our service. We share that revenue with our content creators (filmmakers) according to the overall minutes their content is viewed. Simple :)



Gross Ad Revenue: $50

Gross Subscription Revenue: $100

Your Film is watched for 25% of total free user minutes (ads) and 40% of total premium user minutes (subscription).

You would earn...

  • Ad Revenue: $50 * 25% (your portion) * 50% (filmmaker portion) = $6.25
  • Subscription Revenue: $100 * 40% (your portion) * 50% (filmmaker portion) = $20
  • Total Earnings = $6.25 + $20 = $26.25 this month